How to Search for Industrial, Office, Retail or Medical Space Near Woburn, MA

Business is changing at an exponential rate. New businesses are popping up, small and medium-sized businesses are growing into larger ones, and some are downsizing. This means that the size of their work spaces are also changing just as rapidly. So if you're one of these changing businesses, how exactly do you go about searching for new commercial space that fits your business today?

Here are some important tips to help you find the commercial space you need.

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Search By Keyword


Understanding the commercial real estate market and the terms used by brokers will lead you to key search words. These keywords used to search online will help you find properties listed for sale and lease. When it comes to commercial property, there are three main types of property: Industrial, Office, and Retail.

Industrial space includes warehouses, garages, factories, distribution centers.

Office space is self-explanatory. It's space used in a building for office operations.

Retail space is commercial space from which retail products are sold to customers. Retail space is different from office space in that its main emphasis is on product display and the customer.

Medical space is commercial office space that's offers an ideal configuration for several small patient exam rooms.  Most medical offices also have a large reception area/desk an dplumbing in each of the exam rooms.

Combining the keywords of industrial, office, retail, or medical space along with your desired location is the best way to begin your search for the right type of commercial space for your business. Also, if there are key features you must have in your space, such as a garage or tailgate dock, be sure to also include those in your search terms. The longer-tail keywords will yield more accurate results. Rather than search "office for lease", search "office space for lease in Woburn" or "Office, for lease, Woburn". For instance:


  • Office space for lease in Woburn
  • 5000 sf office space in Woburn
  • Commercial space near Woburn
  • Industrial garage Woburn, MA
  • Industrial warehouse, dock, Woburn
  • Retail store, main street, Woburn, MA
  • Medical space in Woburn, MA

Here's a list of keywords to consider including in your search for commercial space. Combine them for long-tail keyword searches:

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Warehouse
  • Garage / Drive-in Door
  • Dock / Tailgate Dock / Loading Dock / Tailgate Loading
  • High Ceilings
  • Industrial Condo
  • Industrial Garage
  • Contractor Garage
  • Machine shop
  • Auto Repair
  • Heavy Power
  • Warehouse with office
  • Function Hall
  • Sports complex
  • Office suites
  • Office with elevator
  • Retail Plaza
  • Construction Yard
  • Retail bank
  • Main Street, Woburn, MA
  • New Boston Street, Woburn, MA
  • Presidential Way, Woburn, MA
  • Commerce Way, Woburn, MA
  • [street name] [your town & state]

Search for a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Commercial real estate brokers focus on sales and leases of industrial, office, retail, medical, lab, and athletic properties to name a few. The commercial market is quite different from that of residential and you need a broker with that specific expertise.

A commercial real estate broker also has access to property information that residential brokers typically do not.

First, after years of doing business, commercial brokers have built up their commercial contacts which include other business owners. They can immediately access their contacts and cross reference them to connect buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants.

Second, commercial real estate brokers typically have access to a commercial database of property listings that residential salespersons and brokers don't typically join. The two most popular real estate property databases are the MLS and Costar. Almost all residential and commercial real estate firms join, can post to, and can view properties on MLS. Yet, Costar, which is strictly commercial property listings, is usually only accessed by commercial real estate firms because the fees are much higher than that of the MLS.

It's a good idea to find a commercial real estate broker who focusses on listings in your search area to aid in your search and guide you in the sale or leasing process. To locate a commercial real estate broker, use the search terms noted above and make note of which broker's name displays most often on the listings you find. You can also use these keyword searches:

  • Commercial Real Estate Broker in Woburn
  • Industrial Real Estate Broker in Woburn

We hope you found this information on how to search for commercial property helpful.


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